Connecting exporters from the Leeds City Region

ExportExchange - How It Works

ExportExchange is a peer-to-peer network made up of Patrons, who give advice to companies, and Exporters, who are thinking of exporting or need help and advice to grow their overseas sales.
The Patrons are invited to the programme because they have an outstanding overseas trade track record or specialist knowledge in exporting, and an in-depth understanding of certain markets. Patrons give their time and expertise as a free service to benefit the Leeds City Region.

Exporters can register on the network by completing the registration on the website. Once this is completed you will have access to the Patrons who you can message via the portal for advice. The Patrons will then respond and try to solve your export problems and help you to grow your overseas trade.

By growing your business as an exporter you are contributing to the growing prosperity of the Leeds City Region. A network manager is available if you need help with contacting the Patron with the appropriate expertise to help you.

As an Exporter you can also upload your company details to the Exporters Directory, giving additional exposure to your business to potential overseas customers.

You will also be invited to free ExportExchange network events, where you will find additional help.

Steps in summary for exporters;
1. Complete registration
2. Contact Network Manager if you need help finding a Patron
3. Select Patron from directory to message
4. Complete your profile for the Exporter Directory
5. Receive invitations to free Leeds City Region Exporter Events and information

Complete your registration now